LPA rules & standards

The LPA program operates under Rules and Standards agreed to and maintained by the Integrity Systems Taskforce. Accredited producers must operate in accordance with these Rules and Standards, and agree to do so as part of the LPA accreditation and reaccreditation process.

LPA Rules

The LPA Rules set out the requirements for participation in the LPA Program.Click here to view the current LPA Rules document.

The current LPA Rules (V1.20) include the following changes:

  • Definitions – A new definition for Alternate Feedstuff has been included
  • Section 11.6 – A new section has been included to outline the requirements for Producers acquiring Alternate Feedstuff
  • Section 19.2 – A new section has been included to outline the limitations of liability of LPA Administration, Integrity Systems Company and the Committee under these Rules
  • Annexure 3 – A new Annexure 3 has been included to outline the Alternate Feedstuff that is currently recognised by the Committee

Under the LPA rules each producer acknowledges that:
a) Integrity Systems Company Limited administers the LPA;
b) these Rules evidence a binding legal agreement between each Producer and Integrity Systems Company Limited; and any reference to rights or obligations of the Committee under these Rules, includes, rights and obligations of Integrity Systems Company.

LPA Standards

The LPA Standards are based on the seven program elements and are the approved standards for the LPA program. Click here to view the current LPA Standards document (V22)

The LPA Standards are based upon seven key areas:
1. Property risk assessment
2. Safe and responsible animal treatments
3. Stock foods, fodder crops, grain and pasture treatments
4. Preparation for dispatch of livestock
5. Livestock transactions and movements
6. Biosecurity
7. Animal welfare

Changes incorporated into V22 of the LPA Standards include the addition of a new Performance Checklist item 10 under Element 3 relating to Alternate Feedstuff and references to Alternate Feedstuff under Element 3 Performance Indicator 3 and Performance Indicator 5.