Sheep & Goat eID

Sheep & Goat eID 

17 June 2024

Australia has world-leading livestock traceability systems and a commitment to ensure they continue to meet and exceed future biosecurity needs.

In September 2022, federal and state agriculture ministers agreed to implement a nationally consistent individual electronic identification (eID) system for sheep and goats by 1 January 2025. 

eID tags allow individual identification of animals. These devices contain a radio frequency identifier (RFID) microchip that can be read using a handheld scanning wand or panel reader.  

It has been mandatory for all cattle nationally to be electronically tagged  since 2005. Sheep and goats in Victoria have been electronically tagged since 2017.  

The benefits of eID 

Moving from visual tags to eID for sheep and goats offers a range of benefits including: 

  • Strengthened biosecurity and traceability 
  • Market access  
  • Potential for animal specific carcase feedback 
  • Enables an efficient, effective and targeted response to disease outbreak. 

Sheep and goat eID is an opportunity for producers to enhance their business practices and market outcomes.





Sheep and goat eID implementation 

To find out more about the national implementation, visit the Sheep and Goat Traceability Task Force (SGTTF) website: 

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