What’s the right NLIS device for your market?

12 August 2019

There are a number of NLIS accredited devices on offer in the electronic identification marketplace – either an ear tag or, in the case of cattle, also as a rumen bolus. Read more here.

Which is right for you?

To help meet the varying business needs of producers, a Rumen bolus can be used as an alternative to the conventional NLIS approved ear tag. A rumen bolus is inserted into the rumen of the animal opposed to a conventional ear tag.    

However, rumen boluses are not accepted by every feedlot, saleyard or processor. 

All currently accredited NLIS devices have been approved for use by each of the state jurisdictions in which they are sold, allowing producers to decide which device is most suitable for them.

When making this decision, producers should consider that different sectors of the industry supply chain may not accept a rumen bolus as an animal identifier. ISC is encouraging you to research your local livestock market preferences before deciding whether to use a rumen bolus or not