Help with eNVD

Help with eNVD

17 April 2024

The eNVD web-based system and mobile app have been enhanced with a range of new features built into both platforms to make the system more user friendly.

New features include:

  • Greater accessibility for supply chain representatives including transporters, agents, saleyards and other receivers to view, comment and share eNVDs
  • Ability to attach health declarations and other statutory declarations which can be then viewed by others along the chain
  • Template function makes it quick and easy to submit regular consignments.

A broader range of supply chain users, including transporters, agents, saleyards, feedlots and processors, can now access the eNVD system. Once these representatives are given third-party access by the consignment creator, they will be able to view and where applicable comment on and share consignments.

Need technical eNVD integration help?

If you are needing support to integrate eNVDs into your business, please email us for more information. The ISC Adoption team are ready to help.

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Download the app

The new eNVD mobile app allows you to transfer livestock easily, even when there is no internet at the yards.

  • Works in-conjunction with the eNVD web-based system
  • Save time by only answering questions once
  • Pre-populate your regular consignments