New producers

New producers

From the moment they buy an animal, every livestock producer has a responsibility to ensure the food they produce is safe, ethically treated, traceable and meets customer expectations. As a producer of food, you must know all requirements. Even if you own just one cow, sheep or goat, it’s your responsibility to deliver safe product into the food chain, ensure biosecurity measures are in place and abide by the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for cattle, sheep or goats (as applicable).

Following all requirements of Australia’s red meat integrity system means you can stand by what you sell.

New producers need to:

  1. Obtain a property identification code (PIC)
  2. Learn how to ensure the red meat from your animals is safe to eat 
  3. Become an accredited LPA producer
  4. Register for an NLIS account
  5. Buy NLIS devices  and apply to your livestock
  6. When you are ready to move or sell your animals, order LPA NVDs  
  7. Record movements of your livestock on the NLIS database
  8. Check residue history on purchased property - contact your state Department of Agriculture
  9. Only introduce livestock from LPA accredited PICs
  10. Ensure an LPA NVD is used for all livestock movements on and off your PIC(s)
  11. Develop a biosecurity plan
  12. Obtain a copy of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for cattle , sheep or goats (as applicable) and familiarise yourself with its contents

Find out more about the LPA Program by watching this video