Lean meat yield (LMY%)

Lean Meat Yield Percentage (LMY%)

Lean meat yield percentage (LMY%) is the proportion of meat recovered from a carcase - a key driver of profitability. LDL provides a predicted LMY% for sheep carcases, as well as beef carcases that have been through MSA grading, based on a number of carcase measurements. This algorithm was formed as a part of the objective carcase measurement research by MLA.

Why is LMY% important?

LMY% is a key profitability driver, the kilos count! Producers can use LMY% feedback to inform decisions on yield estimated breeding values, growth rates and weight targets.

What are some of the alternate methods of measuring LMY%?

MLA has invested significantly in objective carcase measurement. One of the key outcomes of this research was the use of DEXA for measuring LMY%. Shortly, LDL will also have DEXA results available for producers from processors that have adopted this technology.

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