Carcase compliance

Carcase compliance

Users can see how the carcases they consigned comply with their target grid. Where carcase performance is not in line with the grid, a library of solutions is provided for producers to address non-compliance issues on farm, thereby improving the bottom line for both themselves and red meat processors.

Why is carcase compliance important?

The more compliant your livestock are to grid specifications the more profitable you can be. LDL gives you the opportunity to understand and use feedback from processors to improve the compliance of your next consignment.

Watch this video to understand price grids and carcase feedback.

What can I do to improve my compliance?

Livestock Data Link includes a Solutions to Feedback library that has information relating to key areas of non-compliance with market specifications. This information, coupled with suggested solutions to common non-compliance issues, can assist producers in making on-farm management decisions that will improve compliance. 

You can follow five easy steps above to make better decisions based on feedback received from previous consignments.

What other resources can I use?

The following links will provide more information about how to use carcase feedback to improve compliance:

  • myMLA – Meat Standards Australia members have access to carcase eating quality tools, reporting and benchmarking
  • BeefSpecs Calculator – a tool to help manage cattle weight and fat specifications (NSW Department of Primary Industries)
  • MLA Tools & Calculators – MLA has a number of tools and calculators to assist producers in making better decisions for carcase compliance.

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