Get an LPA eNVD now

Get an LPA eNVD now

07 March 2024

Sometimes you need to access an LPA National Vendor Declaration (NVD) in a hurry.

The fastest way to do this is by completing an electronic NVD via the web-based platform or using the new eNVD Livestock Consignments app, which works without the internet. Both digital options work together so consignments can be started in the office and finished in the yards.

The eNVD app uses QR codes to transfer consignment details end-to-end from producer to transporter, feedlot to processor. 

Download the app:

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To get started you will need a myMLA account which is linked to your LPA account Learn how to create a new myMLA account and link your ISC accounts.

How to fill in paper NVDs

Learn more about filling in paper NVDs or order NVD books


The following forms are available using the eNVD:

  • Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) for cattle, EU cattle, sheep and lamb, goats and bobby calves
  • Meat Standards Australia (MSA) declaration
  • National health declaration (cattle, sheep and goat)
  • National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (EU, delivery docket, form B).

When you select to create a new consignment within the eNVD system, you will be prompted to select the forms that you would like to include as part of your consignment. The forms that are visible to you are based on your accreditation.

Learn more about the eNVD web-based system and eNVD mobile app.

Receivers who typically view eNVDs through their NLIS account, now need to ensure they have created a myMLA account and linked their NLIS account to see eNVDs. 
This function change has come about since ISC updated the eNVD web-based system on 1 March 2024. 
Follow this guide to create a myMLA account and link your NLIS account: How to create a new myMLA account and link your accounts.

ISC is working with the supply chain to make sure everyone is ready to use the app, however, you should confirm with your receiver that you will be using the eNVD app before your livestock are loaded. If the transporter has mobile service, they have the following options: 

  1. The transporter can download the app and register a myMLA account to allow the supplier to address the eNVD to them. The transporter can then access and update that consignment on their phone prior to leaving the collection point.
  2. The transporter could download the app and log into it in guest mode. In this case, the transporter would be able to fill in the transporter section on the suppliers’ device and then use the QR feature to transfer a completed copy of the declaration on the transporters’ device. 
  3. If the transporter doesn't have the app and doesn't have service at the collection point, eNVDs created in the app can be printed and provided to the transporter to complete by hand.  

To download the app and log in for the first time, you will need to have internet access. Digital consignments can be created and transferred while offline. The app needs to be opened with internet connectivity to sync the submitted consignment to the eNVD server and be visible to the receiver.

NVD books are still available. The current paper NVD version for all species is version number 0720.
We suggest using eNVDs because they offer additional functionality and ensure livestock consignment data is captured digitally through the supply chain. This creates greater supply chain efficiency and ensures more correct information is captured.