NLIS Animal Identification Technology Approval Program

NLIS Animal Identification Technology Approval Program

28 June 2024
All animal identification used under the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) must be approved by Integrity Systems Company (ISC) under the NLIS Animal Identification Technology (AIT) Approval Program before an NLIS logo licence is granted.  
Animal identification includes but is not limited to ear tags, rumen boluses, buttons, bands, transponders, microchips or any other technology that can identify livestock.  
ISC approves all animal identification under the NLIS Animal Identification Technology (AIT) Approval Program in conjunction with SAFMEAT’s NLIS Device Standards Committee.    
The NLIS AIT Approval Requirements are contained in:

  • NLIS AIT Program Rules
  • NLIS AIT Approval Requirements (Device Standards & Trial Requirements)

Under the NLIS AIT Approval Program, devices or technologies seeking NLIS approval must apply and pass assessment, testing and auditing before commencing field trials over a 36-month period. Field trials assess the retention and suitability of the animal identification against the NLIS AIT Approval Requirements in an on-farm setting. 
To obtain the application form and instructions or a copy of the NLIS AIT Program documents please email 
An outline of the NLIS approval process for animal identification is below:


For information relating to NLIS accredited pig tags, please visit the  Australian Pork website  and then look for the identification tab.

How do you provide feedback on NLIS Approved Animal Identification?

Feedback or complaints on NLIS Approved Animal Identification should be lodged directly with the supplier in the first instance.  
If you wish to make a complaint regarding an NLIS approved device to ISC, please submit your compliant here.