Updating your NLIS account

Time to check your NLIS account

August 03 2021
  • All red meat producers can have a NLIS account and must ensure all livestock transfers onto their PIC have been completed in their account
  • Go to the NLIS website to log in or link your account at myMLA
  • Sign up to attend one of ISC’s webinars this month for more support and practical advice on using your NLIS account

All sheep, cattle and goat producers can have a National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) account. It is their responsibility to ensure all livestock transfers onto their property identification code (PIC) have been completed correctly in this account.

Integrity Systems Company (ISC) recommends all producers have a NLIS account that they regularly monitor.

Why do I need a NLIS account?

Producers must ensure all livestock transfers onto their PIC have been completed to remain accredited with the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program. If a producer is selected to participate in an LPA audit, the auditor will review whether all transfers for livestock moved onto their PIC have been recorded on the NLIS database. Failure to complete NLIS transfers will be recorded as a non-conformance by the auditor and may lead to the suspension of a producer’s LPA accreditation, removing access to LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVDs). Your state or territory government may also impose penalties if you don’t complete NLIS transfers as required by legislation.

It is also recommended you check all NLIS transfers off your PIC have been completed correctly. When a third party (such as an agent) completes an NLIS transfer on your behalf, it is still your responsibility to confirm this transfer has been completed. To do this, you need an NLIS account.

Why do we need to record livestock movements in the NLIS database?

Ensuring all livestock movements have been recorded in the NLIS database is vital to maintaining the lifetime traceability of livestock. Having a record of all livestock movements in the NLIS database helps ensure that:

  1. If a disease is detected in Australian livestock, animals that may have come into contact with the disease can be identified to prevent the disease from spreading.
  2. If your property is quarantined to prevent the spread of an animal disease outbreak, you have proof of where your livestock have been that can enable you to be removed from quarantine quickly.
  3. Consumers have greater trust in industry, as we have a record of where our livestock have been.

How do I log in to my NLIS account?

To log in to your NLIS account, go to the NLIS website and enter your NLIS User ID and password. Alternatively, if you have linked your NLIS account to myMLA, you can either:

  • Click ‘log in with myMLA’ on the NLIS login page to access your NLIS account using your myMLA username and password.
  • Go to the MLA website and log in to myMLA to access your NLIS account.

More information about myMLA and how to link your NLIS and other industry accounts to myMLA is available on the MLA website. If you can’t find your NLIS account details, recover them here.

More help with setting up your NLIS account

Don’t have an NLIS account? Register for an NLIS account on the NLIS website. You must have a PIC to create an NLIS account. More information on how to set up and use your NLIS account is available on the ISC website.

Need more help to set up or operate your NLIS account? ISC is also hosting a series of webinars throughout August to provide producers with practical advice and support with using the NLIS database. Click the button below to view the full webinar schedule and reserve your place in an upcoming webinar.



ISC Customer Service is also available to provide further information and assistance with the NLIS at support@integritysystems.com.au or on 1800 683 111, between 8am and 7pm (AEST), Monday to Friday.