Securing your NLIS passwords

Securing your NLIS passwords

May 10 2022

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Integrity Systems Company (ISC) is vigilant with keeping industry data safe and secure across the platforms we manage on behalf of the livestock industry. Our databases include:

  • the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)
  • Livestock Production Assurance (LPA)
  • electronic National Vendor Declarations (eNVDs)
  • Livestock Data Link (LDL) and animal health data.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, protecting this data  is critical, whether it be accessed through our databases, or stored on your computer, laptop, mobile phone and other digital devices.

ISC regularly monitors our data security systems to mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks and ensure the security systems in place align to international best practice. To maintain a high level of security of our database and producer information, ISC has increased the required strength of passwords to be used to log in to your integrity accounts.

Over the next 12 months, NLIS account holders who have not updated their passwords in line with the increased security requirements will be prompted to do so. Notifications will be sent via email and SMS. You don’t need to wait to be notified and ISC encourages producers who have not recently reset their password to log on and update it now. 

Producers who access their NLIS account via another method such as via farm management software or an NLIS reader or wand, must first update their NLIS password on the NLIS website and then in their software or device. If assistance is required, producers are encouraged to contact their software or device provider.

Passwords are one of the most critical elements of cyber-security producers can take – they are simple to change and when done effectively, can stop cyber-crime in its tracks. Strong passwords usually involve:

  • length – at least eight characters, but 12-16 is optimal
  • random – never use your name, your date of birth or other information – using song lyrics or random phrases is better
  • unique – every account should get its own password, and you shouldn’t follow patterns
  • private – never share your password with anyone
  • easy to remember – while still maintaining complexity.

ISC understands that your data and information is important, and it is critical that we keep it safe. We appreciate your co-operation with this recent change, which will pave the way for even more improvements in our databases, online services and website.

It is important that all producers take their own precautions for cyber security, including:

  • backing up data on multiple physical and online platforms
  • installing anti-virus software and firewalls
  • using two-factor authentication to see suspicious activity
  • avoiding spam and phishing attacks
  • training employees in cyber safety and incident response.

For more information on cyber security, please read our guide to protecting your farm data and information

You can update your NLIS password at any time. 

If you have fogotten your NLIS User ID or current password, follow the links on the NLIS log in page.

Update your password in NLIS first, before updating on your farm software or  NLIS device (wand or reader).