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How-to: View livestock transferred onto/off your PIC – device report

Completing a livestock transfer on the NLIS database ensures that the database can trace the location of every animal throughout its life.

It is good practice to check that all transfers to and from your PIC on the NLIS database are correct, including transfers completed by a third party.

This how-to outlines which report to view in the NLIS database to generate a list of individually tagged cattle, sheep or goats that have been transferred onto or off your PIC.

Information in this report

This report displays a list of electronic devices/tags transferred in a date range with the corresponding NLIS ID, Source / Destination PIC and, if recorded, the LPA NVD/Waybill number. This device list can assist in identifying errors.

There are a few scenarios when this report will be useful:

  • When you have recently bought or sold livestock or consigned livestock to a processor and want to check that the transfer has been completed for the correct number of livestock.
  • You are completing a PIC reconciliation and want to identify when a particular transfer occurred to check that the number was correct. This will help identify where records may be missing.
  • You have taken livestock to a show or campdraft and want to check they have all beentransferred correctly back to your property.

If you require a report with less detail, then you may wish to conduct a summary report that will group transfers rather than list individual devices/tags. This may be useful if you are preparing for an LPA audit and want to check that all your purchase and sale transfers have been correctly completed. Read more about reviewing your NLIS records in preparation for an LPA audit.

Before you start 

  • If you have more than one PIC, you will need to know the PIC involved in the transfers and the start and end date to enter into the search.
  • With your username and password, log in to the database at
  • *Quick Tip: A myMLA account can provide access to your NLIS and LPA accounts with just one log-in. Link your accounts today.


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