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How-to: Search the PIC register

The Search the PIC register report allows you to search for a specific PIC or find details associated with a PIC, such as a property name, location and more. You may only have a few details or you may know the PIC so this is the report to help you find out more.

There are a few scenarios where this report will assist:

  • If you have been advised through the NLIS database via email of a transfer warning or error occurring, you will need to identify the PICs involved.
  • The completion of an NVD requires the inclusion of the destination PIC. Remember that it's now mandatory that NVDs include the destination PIC for movements in WA and Tasmania.
  • From time to time, ‘stranger’ livestock may be found on your property that cannot be identified by their brand or ear tag. Reading the first eight characters on the NLIS ear tag will give you the PIC number where the animal was born. This can be used to search the PIC register to find details of where the animal was originally from.

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