How-to: Assign a device status in the NLIS database

How-to: Assign a device status

21 October 2022

The main role of the database is to enable livestock movements to be recorded but ‘statuses’ can also be assigned to the electronic RFID devices (tags) used to identify livestock, to indicate the market eligibility or health of individual animals.

When devices with certain statuses are transferred, the database notifies appropriate people automatically to alert them to take action, or for information only.

You can only assign device ‘statuses’ that are appropriate for your account type, for example:

B Producers, feedlots or AQIS can assign this status to breeding cattle ineligible for the EU market
D1 Producers, feedlots or saleyards can assign this status to record a damaged, non-reading device
IA Producers or feedlots might assign the ‘Inactive’ status when they don’t know whether a tag was lost or damaged, or whether an animal died or was sold. Abattoirs might assign IA to animals moved to the Abattoir PIC by mistake. Inactive devices aren’t shown on current holdings reports.

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