Your integrity systems hub

18 December 2019

The full suite of information and resources for Australia’s red meat integrity system, including new natural disaster response bulletins, can now be accessed on the new Integrity Systems Company (ISC) website.

ISC manages and delivers the red meat industry’s on-farm assurance and through-chain traceability programs which guarantee the integrity of Australia’s $18.4 billion red meat industry to customers and protect Australia’s access to over 100 export markets. 

The new website houses all of the resources for the three key elements which make up Australia’s red meat integrity system - the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program; National Vendor Declarations (NVDs); and the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

Information about the online carcase feedback resource, Livestock Data Link (LDL), can also be found on the new website, along with the latest news and core information about ISC, including its Integrity System 2025 and beyond strategy (IS2025 Plan).

Additionally, the website contains new natural disaster response bulletins on bushfires, flood, drought and managing agistment in the event of a natural disaster.

Managing livestock after a bushfire, or during a drought or flood, can be challenging and stressful. Animals may be dead or injured, access to feed may be reduced, and fences and other infrastructure may be damaged.

Each bulletin outlines guidelines around preparing for natural disasters, managing animal health and welfare, and meeting LPA requirements in the event of a drought, flood or bushfire.

Producers are encouraged to utilise these new resources on the ISC website to ensure their livestock are properly cared for and that the requirements of Australia’s red meat integrity system continue to be met in the event of a bushfire, flood or for those impacted by drought.