Enhanced eNVD system now more accessible

Enhanced eNVD system now more accessible

05 March 2024
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Integrity Systems Company (ISC) has launched 13 new features in the electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) web-based system and mobile app.

Developed in response to industry feedback, the new features are designed to improve accessibility and user experience across the red meat supply chain, including livestock transporters, agents, saleyards, feedlots and processors.

The enhanced functionality will help streamline livestock management and compliance processes, with users now able to move seamlessly between the app and the web-based system.

ISC Chief Executive Officer Jo Quigley said the eNVD system improvements mark an important step in the continued development of the eNVD system.

“These features have significantly improved the functionality and usability of the eNVD system across both the web and the app. They will streamline business and livestock management processes across the supply chain and continue to support industry in its shift away from paper NVDs,” Jo said.

“These updates represent ISC’s commitment to providing producers and the broader supply chain with a more complete digital livestock consignment solution that meets their needs.”

The new features

These changes expand access and functionality for users across the red meat supply chain and some of the key features include:

  • Expanded access to the web-based system for users beyond producers. This includes transporters, agents, saleyards, police and authorised officers, state departments, on-plant vets and other buyers and receivers. Previously these users could only gain access through the eNVD mobile app.
  • Adding attachments to consignments. Producers can now add a range of declarations as they are completing a consignment, with these forms visible to anyone with permission to view the consignment on either eNVD platform.
  • Leaving comments on consignments. Producers, receivers, transporters and other authenticated viewers can now add comments to a consignment, and these will be visible to anyone with permission to view the consignment on either eNVD platform. For example, if livestock are delivered after hours, the transporter can leave a comment advising which yard or pen the stock have been left in or if there is a headcount discrepancy.
  • Daily alerts. The eNVD system now sends daily emails to consignment receivers, alerting them to any consignments arriving that day and any consigned to them during the previous 24 hours.
  • Splitting a single consignment between multiple buyers. The new system allows a saleyard or agent to split a consignment and allocate stock to individual buyers.  (To add or remove buyers, you must have an agent or saleyard NLIS account.)
  • Expanded access for authenticated viewers. Special access now enables transporters to edit the transport section by adding other drivers.

User-specific webinars 

Demonstration webinars designed to show producers, agents, saleyards, transporters and processors the new eNVD features are being held in March. The webinar series will provide an opportunity for you to have your questions answered while learning more about the system enhancements.

Visit the ISC events page to register for a session. A recording will be sent to all registrants afterwards.

More information

Ensure you’re ready – create a myMLA account

Before using the eNVD, you need to create a myMLA account and link your integrity systems accounts.

Download the app

The latest version of the eNVD Livestock Consignments app is available for free through the App Store and the Google Play Store.

eNVD how-to resources

A range of resources are available on the ISC website with a selection developed specially for producers.

Need help?

Please visit https://www.integritysystems.com.au/envd-help

Call ISC Customer Service on 1800 683 111 – Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm (AEDT)

Email info@integritysystems.com.au