What’s next for the eNVD app?

What’s next for the eNVD app?

11 April 2023
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Updating the eNVD app and aligning it to the web-based system is a top priority for ISC. Find out more about the exciting updates on the way.

eNVD website and app

Integrity Systems Company (ISC) is always seeking industry feedback on the eNVD system. One of our key priorities is using that feedback to align the functionality of the new eNVD Livestock Consignments app with the web-based system.

Julian Moorhouse is ISC’s Chief Technology Officer and leads ISC’s development team. Working together with our strategic partners, Julian ensures we deliver quality, secure and effective digital products and services to support the red meat industry. 

“It can be difficult to convey the complexity of building modern, easy to use, resilient and secure systems capable of storing and processing billions of records and transactions, all in support of an industry so incredibly important to Australia – but we’re working hard to try and make it happen,” Julian said.

“Feedback has been critical in the development of the app and continues to be the primary mechanism to guide the future. Before we even started writing a single piece of code, we began mapping every end-to-end journey from initial login to the completion of any process within the app.”

Mobile-first digital strategy

The eNVD web-based system and eNVD app support the supply chain to:  

  • complete and transfer livestock consignments offline
  • securely store information that is always available to view by value chain partners
  • use QR codes to transfer consignments from a producer’s mobile device to a transporter or receiver’s device when there is no internet
  • save time by answering questions once
  • ensures the latest versions of the NVD are being used and meet market requirements
  • reduce costs of storing and retrieving historical consignments for auditing, reporting and administrative purposes.

Julian Moorhouse“With such a strong industry demand for a mobile version of eNVD that works without mobile reception but still supports the primary function of consigning livestock, ISC decided to pivot its approach to what is commonly referred to as a "mobile-first" strategy,” Julian said.

“This strategy is an approach to designing and developing digital products with the mobile user experience as the primary consideration, before expanding through the more traditional desktop or web versions.

“The benefit of this approach is that we first build core functionality and content that is optimised for mobile users, with streamlined navigation, clear and concise content, and quick load times. These same improvements can then be brought directly back into the web version.”

See below for some of the updates we’re currently working on.


  • enabling livestock transporters and NLIS users like processors, saleyards, livestock agents and State Departments to login and access their consignments via the web interface in addition to the mobile app
  • improve usability on the web by introducing a one-page high-level consignment summary that contains all of the important information
  • improving the interface for users with multiple PICs associated with their LPA account, with simplified switching between their PIC/LPA user ID.

Web and app

  • enabling supply chain participants to add comments to their consignments
  • enabling users to sort consignments in the list view across both platforms by movement date, consignment number, and more
  • creating a consistent options menu across the web and mobile app
  • enabling consignment creators to attach other supply chain-specific documents to the consignment
  • summary email for receiver on new or updated incoming consignments.

“Continuing to develop the app and align the functionality of our systems will allow for a consistent unified experience across both platforms, supporting a future where the paperless digital eNVD will be the single source of truth, industry wide,” Julian said.

Getting started with the eNVD app

The app is free to download through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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ISC has a suite of eNVD app promotional and ‘how-to’ resources available for all supply chain sectors.

To submit your feedback to the ISC eNVD team, email envd@integritysystems.com.au.