Streamlining your process: Frasers Livestock Transport

Streamlining your process: Frasers Livestock Transport

21 March 2023
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Not only do transporters carry our livestock, they also carry the responsibility of ensuring consignment documentation is timely and accurate – a job made much easier by the eNVD app.

Transporters are a crucial part of the red meat supply chain. They carry Australia’s livestock, but they also carry the responsibility of making sure documentation is correct and arrives on time. Frasers Livestock Transport, a family-owned Queensland-based transport company, is paving the way for the new eNVD Livestock Consignments app to help transporters across the country.

“Transport and agriculture are two leading industries in technology adoption. If people can come onboard, hopefully it'll be a seamless process that will help everyone in the long run,” says Athol Carter, Frasers Compliance & Central QLD Manager.

The way Athol sees it, producers and processors will primarily drive eNVD app uptake, but transporters must be proactive and prepared in understanding the technology and its benefits.

“The app cuts a whole lot of the middleman out, and seeing as we are the middleman, it’ll help avoid the back and forth that often comes with moving livestock. Particularly with the emerging biosecurity threat, it has never been so important to have fast, validated and accurate information,” Athol said.

“If you look back on the change that we've all had in our lives since COVID started, young and old have been able to adapt and use digital tech.”

Frasers Livestock Transport

Using the app as a transporter

The eNVD app is the new mobile, offline solution for livestock consignments. Designed to overcome connectivity challenges using QR codes, it enables eNVDs to be shared along the entire supply chain journey, from producer to transporter, saleyard, feedlot and to the processor. 

For transporters, the eNVD app can be used in two ways:

  1. If both you and your producer are online when the consignment is submitted, you will be able to view the consignment in the app automatically. From there, transporters must complete their section of the eNVD and sign the declaration.
  2. If you are offline, transporters can still receive a consignment by using the receive function to scan a series of QR Codes – transferring the necessary information to your device and allowing you to sign the declaration.

Before downloading the app, it is recommended transporters create a myMLA account to receive eNVDs submitted by producers ahead of time. This streamlines the handover process and ensures you can pick up the consignment if the producer is not available. However, a linked myMLA account is not a requirement for transporters as they can receive and transfer eNVDs in guest mode.

Benefits for transporters

Using the eNVD app offers significant benefits and savings for the whole supply chain, including:

  • no damaged or lost paperwork
  • receiving consignments ahead of time, direct to your mobile or tablet
  • receiving and handing over eNVDs without mobile signal or internet service
  • all required documents being accessible in one place, so you can meet regulatory requirements.


Athol Carter“Before stock even reaches the front gate, the paperwork is at the destination electronically. Having that information in real time is critical, and far better than having it sent back to the office anywhere from two days to three weeks,” Athol said.

The app also has contingencies for dropping off livestock when no one is available to receive. Drivers arriving in the middle of the night can confirm their arrival via the app. Please note that the app does not have the functionality to track your exact movements with GPS or send any SMS notifications.  

“By going digital, it also helps drivers avoid difficulties on the road. No more having to stop, take a photo of an NVD, send it back, send it to the office or the receivers – it’s already been done and managed online. This way is going to alleviate a lot of manual processes that take up so much time and eat unnecessarily into your day.”

Success depends on whole of industry adoption

Athol hopes everyone within a livestock movement journey is ready to adopt the eNVD app, adding the system needs all parts of the supply chain to be involved for it to succeed.

“If a producer or processor is embarking on this journey and using the app – let us know. We want to be prepared and get our staff on top of it, so they know what to expect. Due to our responsibilities, we're always reinforcing the fact that our drivers must have some sort of movement record, so we want to be ready for all possibilities.”


Using the app during a roadside stock check

Stock theft and biosecurity are top concerns for producers and the broader industry. It is the job of authorised officers to ensure livestock are being moved legitimately and correctly.

If stopped while in transit, transporters have a few options to prove the legitimacy of their load when using the eNVD app.

The authorised officer will need to see:

  • all signatures (ensure these have been completed by your producer)
  • livestock details
  • vehicle transport details
  • origin
  • destination.

Transporters can either show their mobile device to the officer or if not comfortable doing this, they can share the eNVD app documentation in this way:

  • allow the authorised officer to take a photo of the consignment so they can view the information on their own device
  • provide the officer with the app generated QR code, if you are in an out of service area.

You do not have to print a copy of the eNVD if you have completed the form in its entirety and the receiver and transporter are aware you are using the eNVD system.

NSW Police recognise the eNVD app as a valid form of livestock movement documentation and is urging the red meat supply chain to understand their responsibilities when it comes to stock checks and having valid documentation.

“Police are excited about the launch of the eNVD mobile app and looking forward to working with Integrity Systems during this process,” said Detective Chief Inspector Cameron Whiteside, State Rural Crime Coordinator of the Rural Crime Prevention Team, NSW Police Force.

Updates and work to do

ISC is working with transporters on how future app updates could help in specific scenarios – however, Athol is confident that the app will be a leading solution for documentation.

“From the individual driver, how does that piece of information from your app and account then get back to base? There are some gaps we’re working through to ensure correct record-keeping and traceability, especially within this transient business – drivers are literally a moving target.”

“There is still work to do to ensure this is adopted and ready for everyone, but I think one of the beauties is how simple it is. Once you get in the app, there's some great tutorials and all the information you need is right there. If it can keep us moving and, on the road, this will provide a complete solution across the supply chain. After all, an animal doesn’t carry their own briefcase to market!”

Getting the eNVD app

The app is available for download for free through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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More information

ISC has a suite of eNVD app promotional and ‘how-to’ resources available for all supply chain sectors.

New features and enhancements will be routinely released in response to feedback. To submit your feedback to the ISC eNVD team, email