Industry urged to get onboard with the new eNVD app

Industry urged to get onboard with the new eNVD app

09 May 2023
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Victorian producer Scott Young appreciates the immediacy of the eNVD app and is calling on industry to give it a go.

Scott Young, VFF

Scott Young, President of the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Livestock Group, is a third-generation producer with a grain cropping and lamb finishing operation in Ballan, and a desire to promote his industry across the country. 

“We run about 2,200 first and second cross ewes, but my work with VFF gives me the opportunity to advocate for producers, and hopefully ensure good supply chains and good markets to make our lives easier in the industry.”

Scott moved to the web-based NVD system around two years ago – and while he says it isn’t nailed down perfectly, everything is improving over time.

“I heard about the app through connections within the VFF, so I thought I'd download it and give it a go. It was all quite simple, and I think we're now at a point where we need to get everybody on board – trying to encourage supply chains to start using and accepting it.”

“The sooner we can get to full transition to eNVDs, the easier it will be to send consignments. We know we can’t bring everyone along, but if we can get the majority, it will be a great tool.”

Having experience with high-volume livestock transfers, Scott’s main praise is for the efficiency the app provides for consignments of all types.

"It's especially helpful if you're doing repeat transfers – it makes it really easy to already have a consignment saved where you can just change the number of animals however you need. It’s basically already done for you and makes it really efficient.”

“Users along the supply chain will save some time and effort as well by not having to manually enter paper forms into a computer system. I've heard of bottlenecks in the saleyard systems where sheep have been moved off, but they haven't been entered into the system yet, so hopefully this process can ease that.”

For time-poor producers, agents and transporters, Scott feels that the app is your best bet for fast transfers that continue to uphold standards of assurance, biosecurity and traceability.

“The best part is the immediacy of it all – once I've submitted the transfer and come back into reception, that’s sent to your transporter, processor and saleyard straight away. There's no lag, so we can keep track of those animals for biosecurity and traceability all the way through the system and know where they are at any time – all on the app, right through the supply chain.”

Scott Young next to truck with phone in hand

Time to give it a go

For the system to reach its potential, it needs to be adopted all throughout the value chain - and Scott is encouraging industry to take action now to help improvements continue for the app, and the red meat supply chain.

“Have a go – don't be scared of it. Download it and encourage your supply chain to download it. It gives you the opportunity to change things if you've made a mistake, and there's plenty of support to help you through if you're having difficulties. You'll find that the change from paper to digital is not that big a jump.”

“With any new technology, there's always room for improvement. However, ISC is willing to listen to any issues and make those improvements, so I would encourage anybody with suggestions to come forward and have those views heard so they can make it better for everybody along the way.”

Getting started with the eNVD app

To get started using the eNVD app:

  1. Create a myMLA account and link your integrity system accounts (LPA, NLIS, etc).
  2. Download the app via the Apple Store or Google Play.
  3. Ensure all members of your journey (producer, feedlot, processor, saleyard and transporter) are ready to receive eNVDs.
  4. Create and submit an eNVD through the app, including your receiver and transporter details.
  5. If you are offline, you can transfer the consignment through the unique set of QR codes generated by the app. Your transporter will then scan these codes with their app – this will sync the information.
  6. The transporter completes their details and declaration via their own eNVD app.
  7. On arrival at the destination, the consignment details will already be available to the receiver.

More information

The app is available for download for free through the Apple Store and Google Play Store. ISC has a suite of eNVD app promotional and ‘how-to’ resources available for all supply chain sectors.

New features and enhancements will be routinely released in response to feedback. To submit your feedback to the ISC eNVD team, email