7 things you’ll learn about ISC and Australia’s integrity system at the MLA Updates

Seven things you’ll learn about ISC and Australia’s integrity system at the MLA Updates

05 October 2021
  • Producers can find out how ISC is strengthening the integrity system to deliver impact and value across the red meat supply chain in a special webinar to be held as part of the MLA Updates.  
  • The webinar will be held on Monday 1 November and will feature a panel discussion as well as an informational session on Australia’s red meat integrity system.   
  • All red meat producers are encouraged to register to attend the free webinar.  

Producers can find out how ISC is strengthening the integrity system to deliver impact and value across the red meat supply chain in a special webinar update to be held next month. 

The webinar will be conducted as part of the MLA updates: IMPACT series hosted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), which seeks to provide attendees with an update on key MLA investments along with a glimpse of future activities ahead of MLA’s AGM on 25 November.  

Titled Impact through strengthened integrity systems, the webinar will be held on Monday, 1 November 2021 and all red meat producers are encouraged to attend. Check the event page on the MLA website to see what time the webinar will be on in your state and register for the session.  

As well as a panel discussion where producers will be able to ask questions about ISC’s investment in the integrity system, the webinar will feature an informational session which explores seven key areas in which the red meat integrity system is delivering impact for the supply chain, including:  

1. How our integrity systems foster industry prosperity  

Learn how the integrity system’s two key programs – Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) and the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)  work together to provide on-farm assurance and lifetime traceability, guaranteeing the integrity of red meat. 
Infographic showing how the on-farm assurance and traceability programs work together

2. Why customers pay more for quality assurance  

According to recent research, product quality and safety are the top two factors influencing consumer choice of beef products within Australia’s key export markets.  Find out how LPA and NLIS – the two key programs of the Australian red meat integrity system – inspire trust in Australian beef products to drive purchase decisions for many consumers in our export markets.  

3. How Australia’s integrity system stacks up globally  

Ever wondered how Australia’s traceability and quality assurance programs compare to those of other red meat producing countries around the globe? ISC will reveal the results of recent research which shows how Australia’s integrity system stacks up against that of the EU, US and more.  

4. Where integrity fits within industry’s priorities 

Having an integrity system that ensures Australian red meat products are safe to eat, fully traceable and in demand is crucial to industry’s shared goal of doubling the value of Australian red meat sales by 2030. This webinar will explore how the integrity system will support MLA and broader industry to achieve the shared vision outlined in industry’s 10-year strategic plan, Red Meat 2030. 

5. Why ISC refreshed its strategy  

A refresh of ISC’s Integrity System 2025 and Beyond Plan was conducted over the 2021–22 financial year to ensure ISC’s investments in the integrity system are based on insights and will deliver the greatest possible impact to customers. Find out how ISC’s refreshed strategy will maximize the ease of use and benefits of integrity system programs for the supply chain into the future.  

6. What are ISC’s investments and how are they making a difference  

ISC has invested significantly in integrity system technologies that will meet needs and add value through the red meat supply chain in the future. Learn how the eNVD system is being transformed to enable digital consignments to be completed offline and more in this update on current ISC investments to develop a simple, effective integrity system for industry.  

7. Where to access new resources for integrity system support  

From new how-to guides for using the NLIS database to digital record keeping templates, a high-impact webinar series and a highly visible awareness campaign, find out more about ISC’s extension activities as well as the new suite of tools and resources on offer on the ISC website to provide producers and other industry stakeholders with support to meet their integrity requirements and stand by what they sell.  

Screenshot of the NLIS how-to guides

The Impact through strengthened integrity systems webinar is the third of a series of five webinars to be held as part of the 2021 MLA Updates: IMPACT series.   

The first webinars of the series will be held later this month and will include:  

  • Impact through supply chain innovations (18 October 2021), which will outline innovations within the supply chain and explore how leveraging feedback and connecting data is delivering greater industry benefits now and into the future. 
  • Impact through sustainability innovations (25 October 2021), which will explore how MLA’s partnerships with industry are being used to tackle industry’s big complex issues, double the value of red meat sales and position Australia as a trusted source of protein through sustainability investments. 

Register now for the Impact through strengthened integrity systems webinar.  

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