Record keeping just got easier

Record keeping just got easier: LPA updates

02 March 2021
  • Records required for Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) can now be uploaded and stored in one central location on the user’s LPA account to enable access on demand 
  • Property risk assessments and farm biosecurity plans can now be created digitally online within a producer’s LPA account
  • Feedback on the new system features is encouraged through the recently added 'feedback' tab on the LPA website.

Producers are expected to keep good records to demonstrate compliance with LPA requirements and maintain their LPA-accredited status when audited. 

Keeping good records is also vital in the event of a biosecurity or animal disease incident, and ensures producers have the necessary information on hand to correctly complete LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVDs). Keeping records can also assist in applications for grants or other financial assistance for their business.  

New improvements to the LPA system ensures all records required for LPA can now be stored in the ‘record keeping’ section of producers’ LPA accounts. This enables producers to store all required records in one location and retrieve them at any time, saving time and ensuring easy access to records in the event of an LPA audit.

Further updates to the LPA website now allow property risk assessments and farm biosecurity plans to be completed digitally rather than on a printed template.

Property risk assessments provide proof that a livestock producer is doing all they can to prevent unacceptable levels of persistent chemicals or physical contaminants from coming into contact with the livestock they manage. 

Property risk assessments are a compulsory requirement of the LPA program, which ensures the integrity of the meat produced, guaranteeing it is safe to eat and of the highest quality.   

Farm biosecurity plans  are another necessary component of the LPA program. All LPA-accredited producers must have a documented farm biosecurity plan for each property identification code (PIC), which demonstrates the biosecurity systems implemented on farm to minimise the risk of infectious diseases being introduced and spread amongst livestock. 

Property risk assessments and farm biosecurity plans are required to be reviewed annually. 

Feedback on the new system features is encouraged through the recently added 'feedback' tab within the user’s LPA account.

For more information or assistance with digital record keeping, access ISC’s detailed step-by-step guide to creating and uploading documents to your LPA account.