Option for remote audits now available

Option for remote audits now available

February 02 2021
  • Producers may now be randomly selected to participate in a random audit remotely rather than an on-farm audit 
  • To comply with the audit process, required documents are uploaded to the new 'audit records' page of the nominated LPA account
  • A LPA auditor will contact the producer via phone to finalise the audit process and findings. 

The LPA program has been updated to allow random audits to be conducted remotely when required.   

If selected to participate in a remote audit of their on-farm systems, producers will receive an LPA audit notification containing information to help them prepare for the process. The producer will then be contacted directly by the auditor to arrange a mutually suitable time to conduct the audit.   

Following the arrangement of the audit, the producer will be required to upload required documents to the newly added ‘audit records’ page of the nominated LPA account at least two days prior to the scheduled date of audit, before notifying the auditor of the submission via phone or email. A step-by-step guide to submitting evidence for an LPA remote audit is available to assist producers through this process. 

On the day of the audit, the LPA auditor will review the documents uploaded before contacting the producer via phone to dicuss how records are maintained and how the management of food safety, biosecurity and animal welfare is being carried out on-farm in accordance with LPA rules and standards. 

If the producer’s on-farm systems are not meeting the requirements of the LPA rules or standards, they will be issued with a corrective action request (CAR) that they will be required to address, according to the instructions given by the auditor.   

These new updates to the LPA system mean producers can complete audits at a time convenient for them, as documents can be uploaded to the nominated LPA account at any time between the arrangement of the audit date and the two days prior to the audit. 

Continuous improvement of our systems in line with the needs of producers is part of ISC's mission to ensure the integrity system of the future is easy to use, valued by industry and trusted by consumers.