Support for producers to stand by what they sell.

Support for producers to stand by what they sell

March 02 2021

  • The Livestock Marketing Campaign aims to promote the importance of the integrity system programs
  • By forming partnerships with value chain stakeholders like the South Eastern Livestock Exchange (SELX), ISC is working to increase adoption and compliance with integrity requirements, including awareness of the new versions of the NVD and increasing adoption of the eNVD

The Livestock Marketing Campaign (LMC) is an initiative developed by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and Integrity Systems Company (ISC) that aims to raise awareness of Australia’s red meat integrity system.

As part of the campaign, ISC is partnering with regulators, industry stakeholders and value chain groups to promote the red meat integrity system and encourage increased compliance with integrity programs through the installation of ISC signage and other informational materials.

One of the first sites to have the campaign materials installed is the South Eastern Livestock Exchange (SELX) in Yass, NSW.

The saleyard was selected as the first pilot site for the LMC campaign in 2020 and already, significant steps have been made to influence integrity program compliance at the site.

In December 2020, a range of signage, banners and other ISC materials were installed on site to provide producers with information and practical advice on:

SELX signageThe materials (pictured) are strategically positioned around SELX to maximise visibility, with signage installed along the rails, on the gatehouse and below the monitor in the weighing area of the yards.

ISC Communications Manager and Yass livestock producer Kathleen Allan said the installation of signage at SELX was an important step in increasing awareness of key integrity system programs.

“The installation of this signage is a highly visible and effective way we can communicate the key messages around the red meat integrity system to a lot of people in the value chain – producers, livestock agents, transporters and buyers,” Ms Allan said.

“Partnering with stakeholders in the value chain is one of the best ways we can influence increased producer adoption and compliance with the integrity system which underpins our industry,” Ms Allan said.

ISC anticipates rates of adoption and compliance with integrity systems programs will increase over the coming year as the campaign expands to other pilot sites around the nation.