New feedback to help beef producers manage disease

New feedback to help beef producers manage disease

June 23 2021
  • New animal disease and defect feedback is now available in Livestock Data Link (LDL) for beef producers supplying certain processors, following a series of pilot trials conducted as part of the Health 4 Wealth project.
  • The feedback will provide beef producers with the tools necessary to prevent and manage disease, and ultimately improve productivity on-farm.
  • The results of the trials have been documented in a series of case studies published on the ISC website. 

For the first time, beef producers supplying cattle to a number of processors can access animal disease and defect feedback on their consignments through Livestock Data Link (LDL) to inform carcase compliance and maximise profitability.

This data has been made available in LDL as well as a range of company-owned feedback systems as a result of a series of red meat pilot trials undertaken through the Health 4 Wealth Rural Research & Development for Profit project.

The eight pilot trials were conducted to demonstrate the value of sharing and utilising animal disease feedback along the supply chain to improve productivity and profitability on-farm.

As a result of the trials, a new beef disease and defect report is available in the LDL system to report on five conditions observed in carcases consigned to processors, including:

  • liver abscesses
  • liver fluke
  • hydatids
  • nephritis
  • pneumonia.


Feedback on additional conditions is expected to become available in the future.

ISC CEO Dr Jane Weatherley said the project provided producers with the feedback required to make better informed decisions on-farm that will help maximise carcase yield outcomes and profitability.

“These trials have enabled us to standardise the way in which animal disease and defect data is recorded so that different processors are reporting the same data, which is now readily available to producers through LDL and other feedback systems,” Jane said.

“Giving producers access to feedback about their consignments enables them to better manage disease, and ultimately improve profitability.”

Seven companies participated in the trials, including:

  • Australian Country Choice (ACC)
  • Bindaree Beef
  • Gundagai Meat Processors
  • JBS Brooklyn
  • Casino Food Co-op
  • Meat Inspectors (at two of their processor client sites monitoring beef, sheep and lamb, and goats)
  • Wingham Beef Exports.


The results of each trial, including the benefits of each trial for producers, have been documented in a series of case studies published on the ISC website.

Not a beef producer? Sheep and lamb producers have a range of animal disease and defect feedback available in LDL for their use as well.

To start using and accessing data from LDL, go to to register. Registration requires your NLIS user ID and password. Once registered, you will be able to log on to the LDL system, and you will be taken directly to the LDL dashboard where you can view information on your recent consignments.

Producers can also access the 'Solutions to Feedback' library through the LDL system, to investigate the on-farm management practices that could be implemented to improve carcase performance in the future.

For further information or assistance with LDL, contact ISC Customer Service is also available on 1800 683 111 to help with setting up an NLIS and LDL account. 

Additionally, if you would like to provide feedback on the LDL system, you can become part of our Producer Testing Panel. ISC is conducting a complete refresh of the LDL system this year and we are seeking your input on how we can make the system meet your needs. 

For more information on LDL, visit the ISC website. 

Access the case studies published on the results of each trial below.