New eNVD feature now being trialled

New design system to inform eNVD improvements

June 23 2021
  • eNVD forms will be fast and easy to complete, thanks to a proposed new design system which makes improvements to the eNVD system easy to understand and use. 
  • The new design system enables new features to be added faster than ever before.
  • The design system has been informed by ongoing user research conducted on the eNVD system. Producers are encouraged to opt-in to participate in continued research and testing to enhance the eNVD experience.


eNVD forms will soon be fast and easy to complete, thanks to a new design system currently being trialled for use in the eNVD system.

The new design system will significantly reduce the time spent creating new components from scratch for each new feature or service. 

This ensures enhancements to the eNVD system can be made as quickly as possible in response to user feedback and industry requirements. 

The new design system also ensures new features added to the eNVD system look and feel familiar, so that updates will be easy to understand and use. 

A range of producers involved in ISC’s Producer Testing Panel will be providing feedback on the system this month to ensure it is ready for use in improving the eNVD system.

Ensuring the eNVD system has a uniform, easy-to-use layout is a key goal of Integrity Systems Company (ISC), as we work to provide a consistent experience for our users across the integrity programs that make up our red meat integrity system.

The new design system is informed by recent research conducted to understand activities and experiences people have using eNVD to ensure the continuous improvement of the system meets the needs of producers and other stakeholders in the red meat supply chain. A full report on the research completed is available on the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) website.

More information on the eNVD system is available on the ISC website.

To complete an eNVD, log in to your LPA account and follow the instructions in the eNVD how-to guide to complete your consignment.

Interested in having your say on new enhancements to be made to the eNVD system? Producers are encouraged to register their interest to participate in future studies to enhance the eNVD system for its users.