Access NLIS, LPA and more with one password

New: access NLIS, LPA and more with one password

05 October 2021
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  • Producers can access all their integrity system accounts using just one username and password, by linking their accounts to myMLA.  
  • Since 1 July 2021, producers have needed to link their LPA accounts to myMLA to purchase their LPA NVD books, LPA accreditation and/or their MSA-only Vendor Declaration books.
  • Watch the video below to learn how to link your integrity system accounts to myMLA.  

Since Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) launched its new catalogue of products and services on 1 July 2021, there has been some changes to how industry accounts – including NLIS, LPA, LDL and MSA accounts – can be accessed.  

Producers can now access all their industry accounts – including NLIS, LPA and more – using just one username and password, by linking their accounts to myMLA.  

Read on to find out how you can access all your industry accounts in one central location.  

How can I access my industry accounts now? 

To access their industry accounts such as LPA, MSA, LDL or NLIS, producers should now link their industry accounts to their myMLA account and then sign in using myMLA.  

Linking your LPA account is also necessary to purchase key integrity products and services including:  

  • LPA NVD books 
  • Three-year LPA accreditation
  • MSA-only Vendor Declaration hard copy books.   

From 1 July, these items can only be purchased via myMLA. 

Watch this video to find out what else myMLA has to offer.

How do I link my industry accounts to myMLA? 

If you haven’t already, create a myMLA account. 

Then, watch this video to learn how to link your integrity system accounts to myMLA: 

Alternatively, follow the steps below to link your accounts:  

Linking your industry accounts to myMLA 

  1. Gather your login details for the industry accounts (LPA, NLIS, MSA and LDL) you would like to link to myMLA.
  2. Log in to your myMLA account using your myMLA username and password or create your myMLA account here
  3. Once logged in to myMLA, click the ‘Linked Accounts’ menu item at the top of the page and select ‘Link account’ from the menu that drops down. 
  4. Once you have clicked on ‘Link account’, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials for the integrity system account you would like to link to myMLA. You can add more than one account for each system (e.g. NLIS or LPA) that you use.  
  5. Once your accounts are linked, you can access them from the myMLA dashboard whenever you are logged in. 

Download this flyer for a copy of these steps, with images included to help you link your industry and integrity accounts to myMLA. 

More help  

Other information about myMLA can be found on the MLA website 

Can’t find your username or password for one of your accounts? Need help linking your accounts? Contact ISC Customer Service on 1800 683 111 from 8am-7pm (AEDT) Monday to Friday or at for assistance. Alternatively, enter your contact details in this webform and one of our team members will be in touch.