LPA service centre changes on the way

01 June 2020

Producers logging on to their Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accounts in coming weeks will notice some changes as upgrades are made, creating a more user-friendly and intuitive platform.

What’s changing?

Newly designed home and account pages along with a fresh look and feel are key changes being made to the LPA service centre.  The updated designs provide simple one-stop access to all the tools and resources producers are looking for, while also helping them more easily understand and meet the requirements of the red meat integrity system.   

Access to National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) is a key reason many producers visit the LPA service centre.  When producers sign an NVD they are declaring their on-farm practices meet LPA requirements, and ultimately customer expectations.  It is a pledge that shows they stand by what they sell.  The changes to the service centre layout help reinforce the obligations connected to NVD use and the part they play in ensuring integrity. 

The new look and feel also aligns the LPA service centre with the ISC website and provides a more seamless integration between the two.

Home page

The new home page will provide users with immediate access to all information on the first screen they come to, including:

  • access to the eNVD platform and hardcopy NVD ordering
  • account information
  • access to LPA Learning and LPA Accreditation
  • links to record keeping information and templates
  • a new feature of ‘program alerts’. These alerts will inform producers if actions are required (red and amber) or provide useful information (green).


Home Page.png

Example of new LPA Home Page


Account page changes:

The account page will now include:

  • communications history, keeping track of all interactions between producers and LPA
  • an option to withdraw from LPA if accreditation is no longer required
  • access to third party authorisation forms - required when LPA accredited PIC owners wish to provide access to third parties such as agistees, to obtain and manage an LPA accreditation and purchase their own NVDs.