Compliance dashboard monitors traceability

Compliance dashboard monitors traceability

20 October 2020

The ‘compliance dashboard’ is a new reporting tool available to jurisdictional authorities for monitoring livestock movements and identifying errors in the supply chain.

The dashboard provides a visual representation of the data collected in the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database, including transfers between various Property Identification Codes (PICs) and to stock agents, feedlots, saleyards and abattoirs.

Providing an accurate picture of traceability across Australia’s red meat supply chain, the tool tracks NLIS compliance and highlights areas that require improvement.

Traceability underpins market access

ISC Chief Executive Officer Dr Jane Weatherley said remaining at the forefront of data collection and reporting, by using tools such as the compliance dashboard, is vital to the ongoing success of the Australian red meat industry traceability system.

“The ability to trace animals in this way underpins our market access and if there is a biosecurity risk, ensures we can effectively track disease outbreaks and livestock movements, right across Australia,” Dr Weatherley said.

“Utilising data in this way protects the disease-free status of Australia’s red meat industry and maintains our competitive advantage.”

The dashboard highlights any discrepancies across the supply chain, including:

  • animal transfers
  • untagged animals
  • loss of lifetime traceability
  • differences in numbers moving through saleyards
  • issues with uploads to the NLIS database.

“Monitoring these discrepancies gives us the ability to highlight exactly where inconsistencies in compliance have occurred, helping us to target support and ensure traceability standards are being met,” Dr Weatherley said.

The dashboard is a crucial tool in maintaining Australia’s position as a world leader in the global red meat supply chain.