The real value of red meat integrity

24 February 2020

‘Driving profitability’, ‘customer confidence’, ‘market access’ and ‘biosecurity’ are just some of the benefits integrity systems can bring to your business, according to industry stakeholders.

In a series of short videos, key industry stakeholders including Michelle Henry from Gundagai Meat Processors, Michael ‘Bomber’ Lancaster from Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Lachlan Graham from Argyle Foods Group and Tess Herbert from Gundamain & Ladysmith Feedlots, explain the value of the integrity system within their roles and businesses.

For Michelle Henry, Livestock Data Link (LDL) allows Gundagai Meat Processors to provide its clients with additional feedback on carcase measurements.

“This information drives informed decision making, allowing producers to make changes within their business or on-farm to ensure they are gaining value,” Ms Henry said.

DAF’s Michael ‘Bomber’ Lancaster said in the event of a disease incursion or a food safety incident, integrity system programs allow DAF to quickly access records and make better decisions about defending Queensland from economic pests and disease or food safety scares.

“The ability to capture records electronically and store those records through data provides real advantages, it’s going to be a driving force going forward,” Mr Lancaster said.

For co-CEO of Argyle Foods Group, Lachlan Graham, the security and traceability that Australia’s integrity system provides underpins his end-to-end supply chain business, providing value and provenance to his brands, ensuring customer confidence.

According to Tess Herbert from Gundamain & Ladysmith Feedlots, the integrity system programs underpin both domestic and export market access, so they’re vital to not just keeping access to Australia’s current markets but are crucial to ensure access to new markets.