New eNVD system released

23 March 2020

A new mobile-friendly, more user-centric version of the electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) system is now available for LPA accredited producers, feedlots and value chain stakeholders to use.

The LPA eNVD is not just an NVD - it’s a system for completing all consignment paperwork digitally including livestock assurance and health declarations, to meet your LPA program requirements.

For existing eNVD users, all eNVDs created in the old eNVD system will automatically appear in the new system.
To start using the new eNVD system, click here and log in using your LPA credentials (LPA PIC, User ID and Password) and start creating consignments.

What’s new?

  • Answer questions once – select the forms relevant to the consignment (LPA, National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, Meat Standards Australia and Animal Health Declarations) and complete similar questions once
  • Consignment templates – allowing you to pre-fill information for regular consignments
  • Mobile friendly – use on any mobile device or your desktop computer
  • Unlimited space for livestock descriptions
  • Print at any time
  • Digital signatures and brands – draw your signature and/or brand using a touch-screen device or mouse.

Why use it?

  • Fast, easy and more accurate than paper forms
  • Ensures the latest versions of the NVD are being used and meet market requirements
  • Reduces time and duplication spent completing livestock assurance and health declarations
  • Reduces the cost of storing and retrieving historical consignments for auditing, reporting and administrative purposes
  • Creates peace of mind and efficiencies, because information is instantly available online
  • You don’t need to wait for new NVD books to arrive, and stakeholders in the supply chain can log in and view consignments, including receivers.

Integrity Systems Company (ISC) CEO Dr Jane Weatherley said ahead of its launch to the red meat industry, the new eNVD system was subjected to rigorous testing, including by producers and the lot feeding sector.

“Participants involved in trialling the new eNVD provided feedback to ISC so the system could be fine-tuned ahead of its release, ensuring ISC could deliver the best user experience to the industry,” Dr Weatherley.

“The eNVD will be continuously updated to ensure it meets users’ expectations and requirements.”
For more information about the new eNVD system including FAQs, visit the ISC website .

For more information about the new eNVD system including FAQs, visit our NVD page.