Industry working to boost uptake of electronic National Vendor Declarations (eNVDs)

Industry working to boost uptake of electronic National Vendor Declarations (eNVDs)

01 July 2019

Producers are being reminded that they can now access National Vendor Declarations in three forms – the traditional hard copy, through eDecs, or by embracing the technology on offer with the eNVD platform.

The eNVD system is a significant step forward for the red meat and livestock industry. It allows producers to transfer LPA NVDs, Meat Standards Australia declarations, animal health declarations and National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme documents electronically. It aims to save producers time and money, while improving the accuracy of information through the supply chain.

On-going improvements to the functionality of the eNVD are underway with feedback from producers being listened to and acted upon, said Integrity Systems Company Program Manager Damon Holmes.

The eNVD system can be used to submit and retrieve eNVDs for property to property movements, or movements to feedlots, saleyards and abattoirs.

eNVDs can be accessed through the LPA Service Centre. For individual supply chains that do not yet accept eNVDs, it can just be printed out but its use is not compulsory and producers can continue to use paper NVDs which cost $40 (GST inclusive) per book or eDecs which cost $0.95 each and can be purchased in bundles of 5,10,20,50 or 100.

“We’re very focused on ensuring the eNVD is easy for producers and other supply chain participants to use. The eNVD will continually be upgraded,” Mr Holmes said.
Over 12% of livestock consignments have been accompanied by an eNVD since its launch in August 2017.

“Ultimately a fully functional eNVD platform will make life simpler for producers. It will reduce time spent completing livestock assurance and health declarations and managing historical NVDs for auditing, reporting and administrative purposes. It will also ensure the latest NVD is being used.”
In choosing to use it, producers will ensure they are providing information that meets the latest market requirements,” he said.

“Overall, it will make the sharing of critical information simpler, quicker and more accurate for the entire supply chain. This supports the promise we’re making to our customers – and means that we can stand by what we sell.”

Access eNVDs via the LPA Service Centre

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