Feedback to improve performance

16 March 2018

Find out how to receive, analyse and compare processor feedback in a more efficient way, in this video showcasing LDL.

Through LDL, consignment performance is linked to supporting materials to help producers understand which management practices might help boost future livestock performance.

LDL currently offers two modules to assist in turning complex data into simple decision-making through analysis and reporting. These are:

Carcase compliance – users can analyse carcase performance in terms of compliance to the grid against which they were consigned, with performance outcomes linked to a choice of options for addressing issues on-farm; and
Animal health information – users can view animal health conditions identified as part of post-slaughter inspection (the current functionality contains only sheep health data collected through the National Sheep Health Monitoring Project).
Sheep producer Johnny Gardner from Cavendish, Victoria, features in the video produced by Integrity Systems Company to explain how LDL helps improve information sharing across the supply chain.

“LDL has been a big help,” Johnny says. “I can get compliance information for individual carcases against market specs, and if carcases don’t comply for any reason – say, they’re too heavy or too fat – there’s a link to a library of possible solutions I can use on-farm.”

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