eNVD's streamlining compliance

eNVD streamlining compliance

26 December 2017

Producers who have embraced the electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) released last year, are seeing the benefits of a more efficient transfer of livestock information.

Integrity Systems Company Chief Executive Officer Jane Weatherley says the eNVD was developed to make life easier for producers, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of livestock information transferred through the supply chain. The platform is simpler and quicker than paper declarations with pre- population of key information across the suite of declarations available instantaneously. eNVDs reduce the time taken to complete an NVD, without having to complete the form in triplicate as is currently required with eDECs. eNVDs also allow for other declarations to be made at the same time (e.g. MSA, animal health declarations, and NFAS delivery documents), further reducing the time and paperwork involved in preparing information required when consigning livestock.

Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accredited producers can access the eNVD system via the LPA Service Centre or via licensed software. Licensed software providers include:

Aglive – licensed to provide eNVDs through its IntegriPro Web/App livestock management software
Maia Technology- licensed to provide eNVDs through its online grazing and livestock management software, MaiaGrazing.
AgriWebb – license pending to provide eNVDs through its NoteBook farm record-keeping software
The eNVD platform gives access to the following declarations:

LPA NVD (Cattle, Bobby Calf, Sheep and Lambs, and Goat)
LPA Cattle European Union Vendor Declaration (EUVD)
Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Declaration
National Health Declarations (Cattle, Sheep and Goat)
National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) Declaration.
Producers are able to print the eNVD – at no cost – to use in transactions where not all parties are using the eNVD platform, or you can continue to use the NVD booklet. Work is currently underway with livestock transporters to investigate how they can integrate the eNVD platform.

In all States, except Victoria and South Australia, producers need to print the eNVD to give to their livestock transporter to use as the waybill. In the Northern Territory producers need to complete the NT waybill. Further work will be completed to determine how waybills may be integrated into the eNVD platform.

Launched in August 2017, the eNVD is being continually improved - guided by feedback from producers and others in the value chain. Feedback can be emailed to lpa@mla.com.au Paper versions of NVDs will not be phased out and continue to be available.