eNVD delivers industry benefits

eNVD delivers industry benefits

23 March 2020

The new electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) system not only provides an easier, faster way for completing livestock consignments, but it is designed to help set up Australia’s red meat integrity system for many years to come.

ISC Integrity Program Manager, Damon Holmes, said the new eNVD system provides the red meat industry with auditable, traceable document control in one, centralised location.

“Adopting the new eNVD is simpler and more accurate for the whole supply chain. All consignments are in the one place and instantly available online, enabling stakeholders to log in and view eNVDs, including receivers of a consignment as soon as an eNVD has been completed and submitted,” Damon said.

“The eNVD system offers many benefits for saleyards, feedlots and processors. It reduces the cost of reprocessing inaccurate or incomplete NVDs and storing and retrieving historical NVDs for auditing, reporting and administrative purposes, enabling more efficient management.

“While the new eNVD is still printable and is not a fully offline solution in its current iteration, it provides the ability for greater document control and readability.

“Due to field validation, it strengthens traceability and market access, and ensures producers are providing information that meets the latest market requirements.”

Damon said ISC had sought and acted upon feedback and recommendations from throughout the industry since the eNVD was first launched in 2017.

“The vast amount of feedback related to functionality, but we realised for us to react to things like food safety issues, we needed to be able to quickly update forms if needed,” Damon said.

“We have modernised the platform it sits on to allow ISC to make improvements and updates in real time, when producers flag issues that need to be addressed.

“Just like smartphones regularly require updates to be installed to improve functionality, we too need to continually update the eNVD platform.

“As a result, users may notice modifications and updates to the functionality of the eNVD going forward.”