Animal welfare a top priority for customers and producers

12 December 2017

Every LPA-accredited producers is reminded to have a copy of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines on hand and be familiar with its contents.

Animal welfare is one of two new requirements in the upgrade of Australia’s national on-farm red meat assurance program.

“The large majority of livestock producers are all well aware that livestock care is fundamental to the success and sustainability of every farm.

“The new requirements set up the minimum standard required under the LPA program. That means LPA-accredited producers must be able to demonstrate that on-farm systems have been implemented to ensure handling of livestock is consistent with the requirements of the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines (Standards & Guidelines).

The Standards & Guidelines were developed by industry to harmonise and streamline livestock welfare legislation in Australia, resulting in improved welfare in a way that is practical for industry.

The Standards & Guidelines cover producers’ responsibilities in relation to:

feed and water
risk management in extreme weather, natural disasters, disease, injury and predation
facilities and equipment
handling and management
breeding management
humane euthanasia
land transport.
The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines documents can be downloaded from

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