Access sheep disease and defect feedback via LDL

01 July 2019

Australian sheep and lamb producers can now access animal disease and defect feedback online via Livestock Data Link (LDL), completely free of charge and at the click of a mouse.

Since 2007 the National Sheep Health Monitoring Project (NSHMP), managed by Animal Health Australia (AHA), has been collecting data on animal diseases and conditions that reduce profit across the value chain through productivity losses and meat processing wastage. The Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance program in South Australia, delivered by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), is also contributing data to the NSHMP.

State departments of agriculture have historically mailed NSHMP feedback reports to producers, however, the process was enhanced last year by providing this feedback electronically through LDL. Streamlined access to health and disease data via LDL delivers information rapidly to producers to help them combat an estimated $116 million in losses each year as a result of sheep disease and defects identified at slaughter.

Making NSHMP data available through LDL is a collaborative initiative between the Integrity Systems Company, AHA, Sheep Producers Australia, Wool Producers Australia and PIRSA.

Approximately 40,000 properties across Australia have some form of carcase feedback available through LDL - either carcase compliance information, animal disease and defect data or beef breeder data, and potentially a combination of all.

Nearly 6,500 properties have animal disease and defect information available, or around 20% of Australia’s annual sheepmeat throughput. Integrity Systems Company Chief Operating Officer Jo Quigley said these enhancements to LDL meant data could be accessed and shared faster by producers and processors and used to improve overall sheepmeat value chain performance.

LDL is a free and convenient way for producers to access feedback on how their livestock are performing and any potential disease or health issues that might require management on farm. All producers are encouraged to create an account to start accessing and receiving their feedback through LDL.

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