eNVD system updates

What's new in eNVD

The eNVD will be continuously updated to ensure it meets users’ expectations and requirements.

The release notes below list the changes we’ve made each month to enhance your experience with the product.

If you would like to provide feedback OR if your issue hasn’t been resolved, let us know by emailing envd@integritysystems.com.au

June/July 2020

What's New

LPA NVD versions 0720

Cows & calves sex option

Ability to delete submitted consignments

What's Fixed

Page loading and error messaging

Wording when sections are empty (livestock description, transporter and templates)

Drop-down box positioning

Misaligned information on attachment page

Post submission transporter and movement time updates

What's Coming

New NCHD and MSA form versions

‘What’s new’ tab in application

Practice consignment for first time users & training

Refreshed help text and explanatory notes

Known bug fixes - NVD serial number on NFAS, consigned to on NFAS, remove NULL from PIC search results, default movement time to current time, transporter signatures on attachment page etc.  



May 2020

What's New

Look and feel of the movement information page

What's Fixed

Performance issues including screen freezing and errors

Users other than transporters can enter the time of movement

Easier way to record time of movement with drop-down boxes

The consignee correctly populated on NFAS forms

The declaration date is populating correctly on PDF forms

The additional notes are correctly populated in MSA and NHD forms

What's Coming

Ability to delete submitted consignments

Add Cows & Calves sex option

Better loading and error messages

New LPA NVD versions

Known bug fixes - Issues with rendering drop-down boxes in IE11 and Android, populating details of other statutory documents in LPA NVD, PIC search returning inactive PICs, remove ‘health declaration’ in additional documents question. 


April 2020

What's New

Mixed sex option for Sheep, Lamb and Goat consignments

Removed save button from Transporter step (final step) in consignment

What's Fixed

Various performance issues to reduce number of errors

Owner field is now shown correctly when creating a consignment using a template

Consignments are not duplicated from the Select Forms step

Invalid PIC error resolved when updating movement information for valid PIC’s

Ensured consignor PIC is read-only and post-submission validation rules applied appropriately

What's Coming

Share consignment by email

Treatment and chemical search

Known bug fixes - New movement information page including additional help tools with examples, correct mapping on movement information fields including owner and time of movement, responsive rendering of drop-down fields so all options are shown, remove ‘cattle’ from additional notes and declarations of all other species, ability to update number of NLIS tags and/or rumen devices post submission, populate serial number’s of attached forms, enlarge signature rendering. 


March 2020


What's New

LPA branding

Consignee and destination PIC optional (except for WA & TAS)

Add owner if different from vendor (consignor)

Print button in the consignment header

Additional columns in the consignment list

New consignment summary

Ability to delete draft consignments

Updated help and information

What's Fixed

Vendor generated on NFAS forms

Brand description exceeding 10 characters rendering on PDF

Visibility of date selector in pop-up box

Field for attaching list of by-products stockfeed

Custom date range filter

What's Coming

Mixed sex option for Sheep, Lamb and Goat consignments

Share consignment by email

Optimise PIC search

Treatment and chemical search

Known bug fixes - Ability to see full company location on NFAS forms, NCHD serial number in footer of form, fix character lengths for fields to be rendered on PDF, and navigation to summary page.


February 2020


What's New

Guided step-by-step process to create consignment (wizard)

Search and filter the consignment list

Draw brand image

Added more livestock sex options

What's Fixed

Information rendering on PDF forms

Information not saving for each step

What's Coming

Share consignment to email automatically

Consignor can add owner of livestock if different from vendor

Optimise destination and vendor PIC search

LPA branding

PDF footer to include consignment number, submitted, updated and printed date/time

Option to delete consignments that aren’t completed

Know bug fixes - Filtering and search improvements, brands description exceeding 10 characters are not rendering on PDF signature and brand images disappear when viewing submitting consignment online (rendering correctly in PDF forms), date selector not fully visible when shown in pop-up box (can still enter using keyboard) and, field for attaching list of by-product stockfeed not visible.