eNVD help

Get an LPA NVD now

We know sometimes you may need to access an LPA NVD in a hurry.
The eNVD can be accessed quickly and you can generate a declaration within a few minutes. To access eNVD click the link below.


How to use the electronic National Vendor Declaration

If you need a quick guide on completing an eNVD, watch this short video, which steps you through the process. 


eNVD Quick Access FAQs

What do I need?

  • Your LPA log in credentials (PIC, User ID and password) contact the ISC Customer Service on 1800 683 111 if you don't have access to this information.
  • Access to a smartphone, mobile device or computer with internet access.


What happens if I complete the LPA NVD online?

  • The saleyard or receiver can view the NVD online via LPA or NLIS or you can print a copy for them.
  • You can always access your copy online
  • You can either print or email/SMS the transporter's copy to them (remember Part B must be completed in all copies)


Can I print a copy and fill it out by hand?

  • You must answer movement information (to & from), the species and what forms you want in eNVD, then you can submit and print PDF copies and fill the rest out manually.  
  • If you don't have access to a printer, PDFs can be emailed to someone that can print copies for you.
  • Remember you will need 3 copies (your's, transporter's and receiver's) and each copy needs to be clear, correct, and complete.


Need more help?

  • Click the Help button in the eNVD site.
  • Call ISC Customer Service (1800 683 111) who can assist by guiding you through the process OR start a consignment for you and email you a PDF to be printed and completed in full (remember you will need 3 copies).