Three simple steps to renew your LPA & MSA accreditations

To renew your accreditations online, follow the steps below.

If you prefer to renew via hardcopy, call the ISC Helpdesk on 1800 683 111 for a printed version of the LPA accreditation pack. 

For additional assistance, please contact the ISC Helpdesk
1800 683 111 or send us an email at


To renew your LPA & MSA accreditations, we’ve provided user-friendly learning modules to step you through the program requirements.

This will provide you with a refresher on the key requirements of LPA and any other improvements to the program since your last accreditation.

You must complete the Animal Welfare module to obtain the required certificate.


Login to LPA to access your learning modules

(please have your PIC, User ID and Password handy)

Once you’ve completed the learning modules, complete your LPA & MSA Accreditation Assessments - a series of multiple choice questions to test your understanding on LPA and MSA.

This should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

As part of the Red Meat 2019 - Accelerated Adoption Initiative (AAI) the cost of LPA accreditation and reaccreditation will be covered until 30 June 2021. An invoice will still be issued that will include an AAI credit.

Once you have completed these three steps, your LPA & MSA accreditations will be renewed for the next three years. Between accreditations, ensure that all record keeping required for LPA is kept up to date. Biosecurity plans and property risk assessments need to be reviewed annually.