Conduct a mob-based transfer correction

How-to: Conduct a mob-based transfer correction

A mob-based transfer on the NLIS database may be edited or removed through a transfer correction only if the transfer is the most recent one recorded.

The transfer correction allows you to remove a mob-based movement from an upload or you can delete the transfer altogether.

If the transfer you need to correct is not the most recent, or if you notice an incorrect mob-based transfer onto or off your PIC and did not conduct the transfer, you will need to contact ISC Customer Service to perform the correction for you.  

Before you start

  • Gather the upload ID of the transfer you have completed that needs correcting. This may have been emailed to you or displayed on the screen after the mob-based movement onto or off your PIC was conducted on the database. Alternatively, you can retrieve the 8-digit upload ID from the ‘View my transaction history’ report.
  • Log in to the NLIS database at with your username and password.

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