Carcase feedback through Livestock Data Link

08 December 2020

Many producers have unused carcase performance data available for animals they have bred or consigned, accessible through an industry program called Livestock Data Link (LDL).

This data can help determine why consignments did or did not comply with market requirements and is useful for preparing future consignments.

NSW sheep producer, Jenny Bradley, discussed how LDL can optimise supply chain performance in one of MLA’s recent Redefining Resilience webinars, hosted in November.

“LDL supports a huge array of information which is filtered back to us as producers, including carcase feedback, customer feedback and health data,” Mrs Bradley said.

“Through LDL, we can understand carcase non-compliance, allowing us to increase averages and benchmark against our own businesses and other producers.

“As producers, we can make a huge difference if we leverage available data to produce positive outcomes for our customers.

“We’re all influencers and LDL is the missing link. LDL will allow us to leverage data coming back to us to influence decisions on farm, benchmark and in turn, build business resilience.”

There has been a strong uptake of LDL in the last month, with over 400 new LDL accounts being created, representing a 20% increase in producers accessing available carcase feedback.


What is LDL?

LDL is an online feedback system which enables the timely sharing of carcase information between an individual processor and you as the producer that allows you to efficiently receive, analyse and compare your carcase compliance and animal disease results. You are only able to access data on animals that you have consigned or bred.

LDL links carcase data from multiple programs with analytical tools, benchmarking reports and the Solutions to Feedback library to help you better understand on-farm compliance and animal health performance. 

Producers can access:

  • Carcase compliance specifications
  • Animal disease and defect data
  • Beef carcase information on animals bred but not directly consigned to the processor.
  • Predicted Lean Meat Yield (%) for sheep carcases, as well as beef carcases.


How to use LDL Beef Breeder data

  • More information on how cattle breeders can use LDL to view carcase information on animals they have bred but not directly consigned to the processor is available through a new how-to video.
  • Watch the video


How to access your data

  1. Log-in to LDL using your NLIS user ID and password at
  2. For more information on how to access and utilise your data watch this short video.


Need help

If you are having trouble accessing your data, please contact the ISC Helpdesk on 1800 683 111 or email:


MLA Redefining Resilience webinar

Watch the full webinar here