LPA accreditation renewals on track for 2021 deadline

29 April 2020

Red meat producers accredited with the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program are on track to have completed their initial LPA accreditation renewal by January 2021, excluding those affected by natural disasters.

Of Australia’s 194,441 LPA accredited producers, 73% have completed the new LPA accreditation process that began in October 2017. The remaining 27% are due to be notified of the requirement to reaccredit over the coming months, rounding out the first three year LPA reaccreditation cycle.

Every month, around 7,000 LPA accredited producers are contacted by Integrity Systems Company (ISC) and advised that their three-yearly LPA accreditation is due for renewal.

To maintain LPA program accreditation, producers need to ensure they understand and are complying with LPA’s seven core requirements: property risk assessments; safe and responsible animal treatments; stock foods, fodder crops, grain and pasture treatments; preparation for dispatch of livestock; livestock transactions and movements; biosecurity and animal welfare.

Don’t wait to complete your accreditation renewal

LPA accredited producers who have not yet completed their initial accreditation renewal don’t need to wait until they are notified that their accreditation is due.

After completing your initial accreditation, your due date will be set for renewal every three years.

How to renew your LPA accreditation

At least two months prior to their accreditation renewal due date, producers who are yet to renew will be notified of required actions by either mail, email or SMS.

To complete an accreditation renewal, producers must successfully complete a short and simple assessment and declaration, accessed via the LPA Service Centre.

To renew online visit the ISC website and follow the three simple steps.

If you prefer to renew via hardcopy, call the ISC Helpdesk on 1800 683 111 for a printed version of the LPA accreditation pack. This pack includes everything you need in order to complete your LPA accreditation.

Extensions and fees

The LPA reaccreditation fee of $66 is being temporarily waived until 30 June 2021, as part of MLA’s Accelerated Adoption Initiative.

Measures to assist producers affected by natural disasters were taken early in 2020, deferring the renewal dates of thousands of producers in bushfire affected regions.

These producers have received a 12-month extension from their original renewal date, although are free to complete their initial reaccreditation earlier if they wish. Extensions were also provided to producers affected by the devastating floods in February 2019.

For assistance in completing your accreditation, please email lpa@integritysystems.com.au or call the ISC helpdesk on 1800 683 111.